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Present world is overrun by consumerism.Consumerist mentality has pervaded all facets of life and has become call of the day.Even religion is not free from consumerism.People are trying to quantify God's blessing in return of rituals performed.And putting religion on a cause and effect mechanical basis.This is diverting human attention from meekness and humble beseeching of His grace and Mercy.On the other hand sufism is being perverted and made corrupt by fakes and self seekers.People are flocking to 'Peers/Shykhs/Spiritual leaders' for mundane benefit and relief,and this is being encouraged.In this way as well,sufism succumbs to consumerist mentality.
In the nineteenth century there was a strong backlash to sufism in the Indian subcontinent and the world at large.This was in the name of reformism.But in the long run these reformist movements have managed to distort the very spirit of Islam.
So called Islamic politics is being guided by and large to fullfil group of national intersts.On many intances these politicians have taken up armed conflict as a method, bringing in immeasurable suffering to human being instead of peace and elevation of the level of human consciousness.
In this chaotic background of the present it has been felt that Islam should be brought back to its proper perspective with the object of ending suffering,subjugation and injustice,with the object of preaching peace,harmony and tranquillity,with the object of elevation of the level of human consciousness which is definite way for the saving of the planet Earth from man made destruction.
The centre envisaged will not confine itself to a particular Silsilah or Tariqua and sincerely wants to be a centre for introduction of Tasawwuf.Tasawwuf is not only particular knowledge,but also a practice and a process of elevation of consciousness to a level uncharted.This centre humbly wants to introduce academic Sufism to the people interested.

This centre at present is at a very early stage,1.31 acre of land has been procured in an area far from townships.The intention is to take away the pupils from the hue and cry of cities and of daily mundane life,to surrounding of nature and tranquillity.It is intended,with the will of God to expand the area by procuring adjacent lands.Planned plantation is being made to beautify the area.
With the will of God and blessing of His Prophet (SALLALAHU ALAIHE WASSALLAM)the centre envisages a dormitory for 30 persons,a library,a prayer room,a seminar room and other services.
Energy will be obtained from solar energy and internet facilities will be developed.
There will be a publication section and a translation section for providing Bengali speaking people with current and classical sufi literature.
This centre will arrange lectures and seminars at the centre and elsewhere in the country.
Facilities will be provided at the centre for performing 'Ittikaf'or seculasion.

This centre conducts introductory courses on sufism for a duration of one week, a number of times a year and a more elaborate course of sufism at a later date.The courses are conducted in Bengali and other foreign languages.

The centre will be under Shahbaz Foundation run by a board of Trustees duly registered with the government.